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This linky is hosted by WHERE THE WILD THINGS LEARN and is about what a day looks like in your room.

In Australia our school year is over and we are on our summer holidays. So this is about what our learning schedule was like last year. 

Our school uses Daily 5 for all Prep -4 grades (K-4) and this coming year we will also be using Daily 5 in our 5/6 team.

Our children enter our classrooms at 8.50 and across the school we all do "Read to Self". This enables our school to have a smooth start, while lunches, the roll and money are all sorted. 

At about 9.15 we all "Read to Someone"

Then at 9.30 we eat our fruit while the class focus is shared, the Learning Intention and Success Criteria are recorded. The remainder of Daily 5 is clarified and then the groups start.

So some do - 'Listening to Reading", some do "Work on Words" and some do "Work on Writing". Each of these are 30 minutes and while they are happening I take out two reading groups and one writing group as well as some individual conferences. 

Recess - and a breather unless I have yard duty

Maths time - this year we split our 83 Preps into four learning groups and they rotated week about between the four teachers in our team. 
We start off with counting and share our Learning Intention.
These groups are differentiated and flexible according to our topic. 
We get to know all our kids and how they learn. 
When it comes to assessment we can back each other up as we know them really well. 
We can also have conversations with all parents as we are a supportive team. 

Lunch and maybe Yard Duty.

Our Inquiry Learning - is planned as a team and we follow a school adopted Inquiry Approach by Lesley Wing Jan and Jenni Wilson. 

Last year our topics had been: Family, Living and Non Living, Celebrations, Kitchen Science, Toys. I have to say that we always over plan and run out of time. 

Even though I have listed the last hour as specialist, this may happen at any time. We have a weekly timetable and my kids have had Music and Art on Wednesday between 11.30 and 1.30.

In the three hours they have specialists - that is our time to plan for the week. 
We also have Assembly on Friday at 2.30 for our while school. Somewhere in our week there is also a library lesson. 

So that is my plan for a day. 

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  1. How cool that your entire school does Daily 5 and you structure the times together?! That is amazing :)

    Thanks for linking up :)



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