Five for Friday - 24th Jan 2014

Here are my five randoms for this week

Our last week of summer break here in Australia. 
I will miss the glorious long afternoons, cool drinks (a nice glass of Sav Blanc) and just taking my time to do things. 
No more Fiji time - it will be feet hitting the ground running. 
My gorgeous daughter and I are now counting down to Singapore, we are going with another friend. Her daughter and mine are also good friends.

We now have two teenagers on their 'L' plates - serious time on the road. So if people can't find us, we are out there getting their hours up. 


I picked up my new car today. 
This Elite Elantra is just what I wanted. 
I get in keyless, start keyless and my music from my iPhone starts automatically, hands free on my phone!
Just love it. 
Plus it has a really big boot to carry all the bags I take to work. 

I have been working just a little on my digital work. This is a freebie about Learning Intentions and Success Criteria and has tags you can use in your classroom. 
It is in my fan freebie tab on my facebook page.


It is Australia Day here on Sunday. I completed this pack this week and love the Interactive Notebook pages and Thinking Tools in it. 

I hope all my Aussie readers have a smooth start back to school and that all my other readers are keeping warm and coping with the snow days you have been having.


  1. Hi Paula,

    I've successfully survived a week back at school! It was student free all week, but I am still exhausted. I miss my sleep ins already. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

  2. Singapore sounds great Paula! Love the Australia Day packet- it looks fantastic :)


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