Five for Friday - 31st Jan 2014

Here are my five randoms for this week


Check out this eBook of Valentine freebies - I am on page 13. Click on one of the pages above to download it. 


This week started with a Public Holiday for Australia Day. A quiet day, with fireworks at night around our lake. This day invokes some mixed feelings with some Australians.

Our State started back this week. 
I am in a new team of Year 5/6's and there are six of us in the team. 
Three of us are new to the team too!
We have shared resources, planning and a few giggles.
It should be an amazing year.

We have become a little competitive and the stakes are high...
Our classroom themes - owls, super heroes, turkeys, two to be decided and mine - pirates. Big reveal photos next week.

I have been working on creating some interactive notebook pages and they are my new love.


I have blogged about this great resource before - but Oxford Owl is my go to resource for 
Listening to Reading. You can now register a grade and use it on iPads as well as computers. 
Books are at different levels and you can choose genres and the kids love it. K-6 kids will love it. 

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