Five for Friday - 7th March 2014

Here are my five randoms for this week

I have been unwell for a over a week (sort of on the mend, a bad case of flu). 
My gorgeous daughter spent her pocket money on some flowers for me. 
I adore my family.

I am a Melonheadz addict and have been on the look out for my pink envelope. Being in Aus the mail takes longer to arrive. My 'pink' arrived on Friday and all I can say is 'thank you Nikki'

I have had my ebook for a while - but this also arrived in the mail on Friday. I led a team of teachers to implement this in our Prep (5 year olds) Team over the last two years and now in the 5/6 team - watch this space!

These posts are in no particular order. Our gorgeous Maddi (my niece) turned 21 on the 5th March. 
Her sister, Kate put together these photos for her. 
The photo at the bottom is all the children my two sisters and brother and I have. The were all in the one spot - so a photo was a must.
Maddi is in green. 
Happy Birthday Maddi - we love you to bits

I did blog about this yesterday - a task we did on 'The Places You Go" a Dr Suess book. I just love drawings that children do. 

Happy week everyone!

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  1. How cute is your daughter for buying your flowers..and gorgeous ones at that!


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