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A group of us got together and decided to do a review of each other's products.

I have had the honor of being paired up with Julie from Oz Curriculum HQ.
This is her store link and button below is her blog link.

Oz Curriculum HQ

I chose to review her product called 

Fractions Lapbook Parts and Wholes Galore

This was a perfect choice for the group I take for maths. 
We share our kids in our team and work at point of need.

We have been experimenting with interactive note pages and this was perfect.

Each component comes with detailed notes and the end product allows each student to explore and consolidate new learning. 

Julie has included references to the Australian Curriculum as well as USA CCSS.
There are also pages at the end that include imperial measurement. 

The kids were engaged and the discussion was focused. 
The language used was spot on and each child was able to be supported at their own point of need.

Every child ends up with a product that is a great reference and will be used many times over.

Julie this is an amazing product and any teacher who needs to work on fractions needs this pack.

 There is a rafflecopter too - we are giving away one of each product reviewed.

You can go to Lauren's blog to view the other products and enter the rafflecopter

click on my giveaway tab on my facebook page and enter to win a fantastic collection of products.


(it looks like this, in the top bar)


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Phew - this is why there is no Storybook Sunday.


  1. Wow! I am adding that fractions pack to my wishlist now, I can see us using it later when we look at fractions. Thanks for sharing.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  2. What a great opportunity to see what we all produce. This linky was a great idea.


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