Currently - April 2014

April is here, it has snuck up on me! It is birthday month for me and it is a significant one.

Farley always does an amazing job with this monthly link up
Go and link up to 'Oh, Boy 4th Grade'

Listening - My husband likes to watch the Colbert Report and it is funny. The Twitter guy is on and trying to help Steve to delete a hashtag....
The message though is serious - be careful we leave a footprint everywhere

Loving - my family. We are in a good place, holidays almost here and serious family time and no rushing around for a while, sleep ins and some serious jammie days are on their way.

Thinking - of what I need to fit in the next few days. I am taking off the first week back and will be in Singapore so need to have my plans done and you know what that means. More detail, extra planning and lots of notes.

Wanting - to plan better. We have a team approach, but sometimes I just want to break free and do something different. I do have to say that our team approach is great, we are very organised and it works for our kids. 

Needing - to curb my clip art addiction. I can never have enough and I think I need help.

Hours and last day - School is between 9 and 3:30. But my day starts at 6 and ends around midnight. Boy, when you see that written it is not good.
Our term break starts on Friday at 2:30pm, I don't often count down but I think I really need this break.

So here is to us hoppin' into April.....


  1. Hehe! I need to get this clipart thing worked out too! Too much clipart on this computer! Happy Birthday (just in case you are keeping it a surprise!) I won't brag too much that I am already on a break!

  2. Enjoy your upcoming break! I think clipart addictions are the best kind, next to chocolate or coffee.

    1. Someone like me, clip art and coffee! I love chocolate but it gives me migraines, so I stay clear.


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