Five for Friday - 11th April

Here are my five randoms for this week

We are on term break here so these really are five randoms......

This week started off with a limo ride around the country side and visiting some magnificent wineries. All to celebrate some birthdays and what a gorgeous way to spend the day. Many laughs, old music and a glass or two of the nice stuff. 


We have a fantastic store in town and anyone local will know it by the wrapping. It is called "Wen and Ware" and I just love it. As we are on term break, Tony and I went there for a coffee and and I fell in love with these cups. So we purchased them and when they said gift or for you - well a gift for us, so they wrapped it. I just love my new coffee cups.

On our last day of school our team mapped out our curriculum for the rest of the year. We spent the day planning together for next term and it looks exciting. 
I will share the plans when they are typed up.....

My very good friend, Liz, and I are celebrating a major birthday this year - the big 50 and we always said we would go to Africa. This year didn't quite work, but I have picked up some brochures and maybe next year!

My daughter and I will be away over Easter again this year. 
My husband and son said they wanted to do Easter before we leave. 
So I have got out our Easter decorations and placed them around the house. 
Here are a few of our decorations. 
Even though my son is 18 - his Easter nest is ready!

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  1. Your cups are gorgeous! I'm definitely jealous of your winery tour. Ontario wines are gaining some popularity, but they can't begin to compare to Australian! I'll get there someday...

    Mrs. Beattie's Classroom


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