Five for Friday - 25th April (late)

Here are my five randoms for this week

I am late as I have had an internet issue.....but all sorted now



I have been away from my computer and absent from blogging due to 
 my friend Melinda and I both turning 50! 
It has been term break here and we both took another week off as Long Service Leave.
We decided to take our girls for a trip to Singapore for about a week.
We crammed in so much sightseeing - the Supertrees are amazing by day or night. There are walkways between them and as you can see we were able to take amazing photos. 
We went up on the Marina Bay Sky Deck and had a cocktail.
The Singapore Flyer let us see the lovely city from a huge height too.
Raffles Hotel and a Singapore Sling is a must.


Friday was ANZAC DAY. 
On this day we publicly remember all those we have lost in war.
Our entire nation stops for a day - public holiday everywhere and there is a dawn service as well as one mid morning.



I am working on a series of packs for letter/sound recognition. They are keeping me busy.

We were so lucky to be able to go the Annie Leibovitz Photography Exhibition. 
Above is a photo of her and one of her mother in the background,.



 An amazing way to spend a lazy four hours...........her art is moving!


I am so lucky to have the lovely family I have - my daughter and I had high tea together this week. 
My husband and son avoid the camera as much as possible. 
Holidays are great.


  1. Wow! Singapore looks amazing! And Annie Leibovitz...what an opportunity to see her photos!!

    Munchkins Inc

  2. Replies
    1. I love travel and take every opportunity and linked to a big birthday - a big must do

  3. What an amazing holiday Paula! Good luck getting back into the swing of things tomorrow!

    1. I am very lucky - it is so important to take every day as it comes and celebrate the important milestones. Back to work.....


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