Five for Friday - 16th May 2014

Here are my five randoms for this week

I have had to make a promise to myself - to be super organised at school - before I could go near my other love of creating and posting products. 

I have completed the 'Ii' and 'Nn' packs and then posted a bundle that has S-A-T-P-I-N, which are the first six letters you need to start making some words. 

Click on the packs to go and check them out. 



This week I took a group of girls at school for sofcrosse. These Year 5/6 girls and I had a blast. 
Now I am not one to wear trackies to work, but I did on Thursday. 
Two quotes of the day...
"Why are you in trackies and runners?'
"Is there going to be running involved?'

I didn't feel as if our kids were fit enough - so have re instated sport which is over and above PE and our daily laps.


Oh boy - I am getting hooked on a show called 'Death in Paradise' - you should check it out!
Death, intrigue and laughs

  Displaying image.jpeg

I won the staff raffle this week. Each week a different group of staff organise a raffle prize. The money goes toward our staff function at the end of the year. 
I just love fresh flowers.


This week we also started our Science sessions. I am working with a group of 5/6 students on Cyclones. I have spent some time organising my thoughts and have posted this pack this week too. 
Click on the pictures to go to the packs.

Enjoy our too short weekend and have a great week.


  1. I always love that quote that says 'I need another day between Saturday and Sunday'... weekends fly by so quickly!

    Lauren :)

  2. I loved Death in Paradise, I watched the first two series last Christmas. Haven't managed to catch up with the latest series yet though. Something to look forward to. And I agree weekends need to be longer!

    Butterflying Through Teaching


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