Five for Friday - 30 May
End of May is a heartbeat away and I am so jealous of my USA buddies on their summer break, or almost on their break - we are about to head into winter......
Five for Friday is here so head on over to link up with Kacey
Here are my five randoms for this week
My kids have been working on life drawing - my Year 5/6s are amazing!

We are working on scale and measuring. We have developed an extended problem solving task that caters for all kids and has workshops for support and extension.

Camp Quality came to school this week. We sadly have a little guy who has leukaemia. This non profit group raise money and awareness for cancer. It pays for families to go on a camp and have medical support while there too.

Oh boy! Look what arrived, I love it to bits and feel so fortunate to have one.

I saw this and thought- yes.
We can only do what we know is best. I work with groups of teachers and you only know what you know, you cannot beat yourself up. But when we find a better way, it is our responsibility to make a change.

 Cannot believe that June is on its way.


  1. Replies
    1. Whoops! Hehe I have now changed it to June - report writing brain has kicked in and I have mush

  2. Hi Paula. No need to be jealous of this US friend - my vacation doesn't start until June 24th! I noticed your error, too. Like they say, it happens to the best of us.
    happy weekend!


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