Five for Friday - 9th May 2014

Here are my five randoms for this week


We have been so busy with family, work and just getting to where I need to be that our backyard is looking so unloved. You can see we have just started autumn or fall as some of my readers call it. 
Not sure when we can get to this growing colorful mess. 


Our Mother's Day cards were a huge hit with our kids and I did blog about them yesterday if you want more detail. 


If you have been hibernating this week - you will not have taken part in he huge sale over at TPT for Teacher Appreciation Week.

I had to cull my cart as there was no way I could buy everything in it even with the huge discounts. 
There was a bit of a theme to my purchases this week. 

Here are some of my purchases. 


I have a serious Melonheadz addiction and I bought about 18 sets of clipart and I still have more in my wishlist! Nikki needs to stop making them so I don't buy them - hehehehe

A small town near us had an event last weekend called "Booktown". There are books everywhere, mainly second hand and some local food to try. It is a great event for the town, but I have never seen so many second hand things - people who know me, know that I don't cope with this concept well. 

We had a badminton clinic this week and it is run for free by a local club to show how much fun it is and to get kids interested in the sport. 

Happy weekend everybody. 

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