Five for Friday - 4th July

Here are my five randoms for this week

We are on week 2 of our term break here so these really are five randoms......

 To say thanks to all my lovely USA followers I am joining many others in helping to acknowledge your 4th of July by putting my entire store on sale. I feel so lucky to have so many of you read my blog, visit my facebook page and support my store
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I know I have mentioned our lovely lake here in our town, Lake Wendouree is magnificent in all seasons. My husband loves to walk around it and I don't mind, but in the middle of our winter he has to drag me around. It is windy, icy and hard work. It is 6km around the entire lake, which is 3 and a bit miles. 
I do have to admit though the views are great. 


I am a little obsessive about planning and my new Erin Condren is here. I just love it. 
I also have the teacher planner too. My teacher was a gift, so I splurged out and bought the other one. Postage to Aus makes it expensive but well worth it. 
I added my own red band and think I will also add one to the other planner too.


If you have followed my blog this week - you will have seen my post about printing on post it notes. 

Yes - I have an obsessive personality and had to go out and buy lots of sticky note pads in lots of colors. 


For a whole month now I have been on a healthier lifestyle journey. 
Even though I know what I should eat, know how much exercise I should do - that rich creamy pasta sauce and wine got me every time.
My clothes are a little looser, people are starting to notice and I feel much better!
So I eat less food, eat more often and drink heaps of water and do some exercise.
Maybe I will be game enough to post a few pics at some point.........

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Happy 4th of July to my USA buddies, happy winter break to my Aussie mates.


  1. Thank you for the sale! Enjoy your winter days, I love the winter, sometimes summer just gets to hot and sticky in New England!
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. It is funny how seasons effect us

  2. Thanks for sharing with your USA friends! We really appreciate it! I also just have to mention that the view from the lake is gorgeous! I LOVE the water! In fact, we've spent many summers lounging at the lake here in Missouri. Unfortunately I don't live near the lake now but I did have the opportunity to take my girls to the lake just a couple of weeks ago. They loved it! Before I sign off I wanted to congratulate you for all your hard work. Eating healthy and getting proper exercise is not always the easiest thing to do. Keep up the hard word!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. We do live in a pretty part of the world.

  3. I'm also on a healthy lifestyle kick at the moment - would love to see some pictures, although I wouldn't be that brave! The lake looks gorgeous!


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