Five for Friday - 15th August

Here are my five randoms for this week. It has been cold and I am so over winter.


As a staff we are working hard on Inquiries. 
We have identified goals around teaching Mathematics and are now working in teams to deliver teaching and learning sequences to suit all students.  
This fits in with our reviews and assists in our Maths Partnerships project. 


We have spent two days at a living museum and learning about our local history. 
I live in a great place. (See my posts from earlier this week)


We got to dress up too!

I got to hold a real bar of gold - worth about $130 000.

My daughter is soon to visit Japan. She is 17 and will be going for about 3 weeks with her school. 
Sh is so excited and will have a great time - but we will miss her terribly. 
She is my travel buddy - we have been to Malaysia x 2, Bali x 2, Fiji and Singapore and I have to stay at home. 
So we have been organising money cards, clothes, paperwork and all she needs. 
Her school has a sister school which will host them for about a week. 
The remainder of the time they will be staying as a group and sight seeing. 

(not her actual card)

Next week is our Arts Week and I can't wait to post some magical art photos.
Happy week everyone!


  1. Hi Paula,
    I've enjoyed reading your blog posts about your visit to Sovereign Hill. I'm glad you and the students had an enjoyable visit. It was a pleasure being their teacher.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Stephanie - St Peter's School
    PS. That gold bullion bar is worth closer to $130,000!

    1. I will fix that slip up on the value of that gold bar

  2. I am jealous of your daughter! A trip to Japan sounds awesome! That living history museum looks AWESOME!!! I would like to take my daughters there someday!

  3. We have a similar museum close by where the kids can see living conditions from long ago. One year we visited and were able to churn butter! Ha! Most kids think you get butter at the store and have no clue of its origin! I hate that it is winter where you live! Wishing you some warmer temps!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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