Five for Friday - A big Arts Week

Here are my five randoms for this week all related to Arts Week so not so random after all!

Our Arts team has worked behind the scenes for months to pull off what is an amazing week for all our 540 students.  Get your self a cuppa or a long cool drink and read on for a week that has produced and exhibited so much talent from all our kids.


Monday - you need to make a mess before you can create. 
Our team was given the Americas and we looked at art and some history behind it and decided to do Mola  Art from the Kuna tribe from Panama. 
Traditionally it is appliqued and sewn into panels of clothing. 
Here is the start of our project - at the end of this post you will see the finished pieces. 

Tuesday - We have the most amazing Art Gallery in town. 
It is so kid friendly and we went to see art and do art

Wednesday we worked on workshops back at school. 
We made string designs using band looms to architectural icons. 

We did dancing - highland dancing and tap dancing. It was so much fun.

One session was making wood sculptures with saws, drills and hot glue guns.

On Thursday we did a a team dance session and worked on finishing out art work for our exhibition. 
We also had a visitor called Uptown Brown - he was funny!

 I don't know how many instruments he played that were attached on his back-front-side.


Friday was our exhibition for our community - here are a selection of photos.



A huge week - but well worth it for our kids and community. 

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