Friday - Freebie and what I love to teach

I managed to get to Friday and I have blogged each day....

What do I love to teach? 
This is tricky to answer as I love it all.

But I need to reading is what I will blog about.
More specifically - Literature Circles. 
My Year 5/6's have been placed into groups and each group has a text to read. 
These charts help to clearly show what the tasks are for each group and when they are to present to me.
I have inserted a copy of the text on each chart as this helps me too.
The Literature Circle time is in our Literacy Block and is complimented by writing time. 

So while some groups are reading, some are working on their tasks and some will be presenting. 

This term I have tightened up the way my kids present their work. 
This is an example of the 'Word Wizard' role. 
I have prepared booklets for all my kids and at the end of the term they will have done all roles and their booklet will be complete. 
The pages face one another and there is an outline of the role, feedback and a goal setting section for next time.

Each child is responsible for a role and when they come together it is like a book club discussion. 
The more they do the roles - the more they engage in each one and provide more depth. 
The discussion director is pivotal to all roles and binds the group together. 
My whole Literature Circles pack can be found in my TPT store - click here
These three pages are a free download - click here
to to go to my facebook page and scroll down until you find the freebie tab - click to access the freebie
Mobile devices will not be able to access the freebie - and you must be a fan of my page
This freebie will be available for about a week - it will be taken down at the end of August. 


  1. I love getting ideas from all over the world on a blog hop! I am a math recovery teacher in the US. The research for Math Recovery is from Australia, so I am hoping to visit someday.


    1. I would love to see the research you have from here.


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