Wednesday - being organized

My best tips for being organized is to keep track of not only my weekly plan for my grade but to keep track of the jobs I need to do each day - week etc.

If I am asked to do a job - I always write in down and if I have too many tasks, I have been much better at saying 'yes, I can do that for you but not until the end of the week'
It has been a life saver for me.

My teacher planner and my diary are my sanity.


     The other strategy I use is making sure my folders have unique covers and spines. 
I know exactly where my information is.
I need to be organized and this helps me to get through my week so much better. 
I try to always make sure items are filed - I do not have a 'to do spot'

Now for a giggle - because also what helps to be organised is a sense of humour


  1. I like that you write things down and keep a list so you don't get overwhelmed, I need to do that! I love that you don't have a to do spot, that everything gets put away. That probably helps so much! Nice to meet you in the blog hop!

  2. Paula, I loe your personalised Diary! Where did you get that from?

    I find that I am forever writing things in my phone, on post it notes or I use sticky notes on my lap top. Its hard to keep up! I have a diary but hate carting it around so I end up not using it and use my phone because thats on me all the time. Only problem is…. it't not all in the one spot!


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