Where - my digs this week

This post is about 'where' I work. 
I could post about my classroom and show pictures of my room - but I have decided that this post will be about where I am teaching this week!
It is Arts Week at our school and we have a wonderful Arts Team who have organised a brilliant week for us. 
Monday we had our launch, followed by two hours of Literacy and Numeracy. The next three hours were about our class project and we are doing MOLA art.
Tuesday - we spent four hours at the Gallery - so that is my digs today!

 At the Art Gallery we and four workshops. We participated in a collaborative project.

 Each of our 540 students will put together part of the project which we will combine back at school. 

We worked on drawings of sculptures


Copied a large set of paintings as a team. 

 Studied some great paintings.

On Wednesday we will do some string art, learn to highland dance and make our won sculptures.
Thursday will be a buskers festival, a dance class and we will finish our Mola art.
Friday is a school wide display. 

This is my digs this week.....


  1. Oh wow! Look at all those fun art projects. That gives me some great ideas for teaching art this year. We have to teach art and gym along with all the other subjects at my school. Is it like that at your school too or are y'all just doing an art appreciation week to have the kiddos do all those fun-filled art activities.

    Lovely Literacy & More

  2. Wow! What great art projects! They look amazing Paula! Definitely makes me miss the older children and their creativity!


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