Five for Friday - 12th Sep

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One more week and we are off for two weeks for spring break.

Here are my five randoms for this week.
Make sure you check out my daughter's photos from Japan at the end of this post.


Saying goodbye - there were only a few tears!

This is our daughter leaving on a school trip to Japan. 
There are 25 senior high school students going with three teachers. 
We have traveled a lot together and I know she will be fine. 
But we miss her heaps already. 
They will be away for about 18 days.


There is a new place in town called TOP BOX. 
We had an amazing coffee there today and they have great objects for the house and garden.
 Loved finding this place.
Some more Tony and I time!


I had so much fun looking through all the clip art I have bought to do this pack. 
Click on the photos to see more details.

(This file has been revised November 2017)

My newest packet, Ants on the Apple a-a-a (revised November 2017)


I love the color of the water and the sky with the clouds. 

With our daughter away and our son doing his own thing (he is 19) - Tony and I are finding we have more time with just the two of us. 
With spring here, it is a great time to walk around the lake we have in our town. 
Fantastic exercise and time with my Tony.
The sights around the 6km walk are delightful. 
We even had lunch - just the two of us.


 Here are a few snaps our daughter sent to us from Japan.
 It looks idyllic. 

In our state, we have this week to go and then we are on a two week break.
My husband and I are going interstate to Tasmania for about a week and we will get some more time for just the two of us.......

We live in Victoria and Tasmania is only one short hour away by plane.

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  1. Hi Paula,

    I'm trying to convince Chris that he wants to go to Tasmania so we can pop over on the holidays... I think it's looking more like Sydney or Cairns though. :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!


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