Five for Friday - 19th Sep

Today is our final day for term and we now have a two week break.

So here are my five randoms for this week


I have been running a series of sessions for staff around whole school maths planning and we have been looking at
- scope and sequence and what that means for our teaching and learning 
- language needed
- resources we need
- assessment tasks
by checking our curriculum, assessment maps, progression points and learning focus


My name is Paula and I am a washi tape addict!

Our grade have been presenting eco-systems this week after a term of work on an inquiry.
Here is an edible presentation.

My daughter is still in Japan. 
She has been sight seeing for 10 days with her school group and now is with her host family and her host sister Sena. She will be experiencing school in Japan next week and then home next Sunday. (only 8 days left)
We miss her and can't wait to see her and her photos. 
She is trying lots of new foods and sent a message to ask if we had her fav foods for her when she gets home.


Holidays - I so need them. I have had my pedicure, so feet are relaxed. 
Two weeks of rest, reading and relaxation.

Have a great week everyone.

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  1. Hello, my fellow Washi Tape addict! :) I love using it in my planner, too!

    Miss Galvin Learns


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