Five for Friday - 5th Sep

Here are my five randoms for this week.
I am hoping for a sunny weekend and a weekend of no plans.


We went to the circus - it was the Moscow Circus and very clever and funny. 
Even our son went with us!


As we go from winter to spring here in Australia we are starting to see the most amazing sunsets. 


I was at a PD yesterday about addressing culture in the workplace. 
The Navy spoke about their journey with ensuring a positive culture and the steps they take to do that.  
Sanitarium also spoke about their culture and this was so inspiring and easy to make links between what we do and what they have done!

This is my latest pack - I so love the clip art from melonheadz and just am crazy about the two versions - well three really. The Five Monkeys  jumping on the bed and also swinging on the tree with the alligator and the crocodile


 I also finished these two babies! and only have 'qu' and the last bundle to put together and my initial sound packs are done. This has been a culmination of about 25 years of work and now it is all digital and only the stuff that works.

Only two more weeks to go before our spring break. Our daughter is off to Japan for a school trip for almost 3 weeks and we are organising last minute things for that this weekend. I will miss her heaps.


  1. The Moscow Circus sounds like so much fun! And I'll have to check out the initial consonants pack, I have a few little first graders who are still struggling with segmenting words :)
    Learnin' Books


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