Currently September 2014

September is here - in Australia that means Spring! One season closer to summer!

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Loving those cute little vans....

Listening -  to the rain. We have had rain, hail, sunshine and clouds today. Spring is here.

Loving - my team at work. We are trying to devise a planner for Maths Inquiry and it s proving difficult. Our level of professional discussion is high, our commitment to cater for all students is high, our improvement in practice is high and we are maintaining our sense of humour. 

Thinking - that I need to exercise. I have a started a healthier lifestyle kick and over the last three months have lost about 11 kilograms. The weather has been stopping me from walking.

Wanting - to keep my kids close. My daughter is 17 and is off to Japan for three and half weeks on Wednesday. She is well traveled and will be fine, but I will miss her terribly. Our son who is 19 is nicely independent and as parents we raise them to be happy independent and then when they are we miss them!

Needing - to tidy the garden. The weather and work are my excuses for neglecting the garden.

Three trips - three places I want to go.
A friend and I have been talking about Africa for close to 30 years and we are planing to go next year.
France is such a romantic place, I want to go with my husband, maybe in 2016 for our 30th Wedding Anniversary.
Uluru, my sister and I have been talking about this for ever.

Happy September everyone.


  1. That will be such an exciting trip to Africa! I hope you have a great time :) I love my team at work too, it make such a difference! Have a great day!
    Three Cheers for First Grade!

  2. I'm a little jealous that you're heading into spring! We're headed into fall over here, which I like, but... after spring comes summer vacation! :)

    Your team sounds wonderful!! I love when you just "click" with your team and are able to get stuff accomplished at school. Such a good feeling!

    ~ Mrs. K. from The Teacher Garden Blog


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