Five for Friday - 10th Oct

Here are my five randoms for this week

This has been our first week back to school after two weeks of spring break.

So before we headed back Immy and I went to Melbourne.
There are some great lanes and shops, restaurants and we love the buildings. 

We only live about an hour and a half from Melbourne. Immy and I often catch the train down and do some serious girl shopping therapy! So last weekend we spent some time doing just that.
The last photo is from the train window on the way home.

People who know me really well - know I have a thing for shoes.
My latest obsession is VANS, I have had a pair of daisy ones for ages, plus my rainforest ones!
I bought a pair of paisley ones and then black ones and then a pair of blue ones just recently and my two teenagers think enough is enough. My Grade think - how cool!
I did buy a pair of black converse too - I need to stop......


Love this pack - script writing and Halloween - what a great combination.

Fire Prevention Week 
I have put together some English and Math tasks and also bundled them. Click on the images to see more details. 


Setting Writing SMART Goals this improve our writing

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