Five for Friday - 24th Oct

Here are my five randoms for this week


Monday lunch time I attended a Maths PD on Number Busting. 
This is where you use beads on a large string to show 200. 
Then ask the kids to show a certain number  and you 'bust it'

So 20 can be 12 and 8, 13 and 7, 19 and 1, 10 and 10
Have beads in groups of 10 in different colors.

Once the kids have got small numbers under control they can do use much bigger numbers. 


Oliver Jeffers is a great author and we are helping out our buddies by developing a strong recount or innovation on a text. 


This week we have been working on the main point and what is the central theme of a text. 
In groups we have been arriving at a consensus and using our skills of listening and arguing the point. 


This sunset was amazing and a walk around our lake is so much easier watching the colors change. 


I know that anyone that knows me knows that I hate (I don't like that word, but it sums up the intensity of how I feel) gardening. 
I just don't have time.....

I planned our garden out about 16 years ago and it is summer proof, does not need watering and it gives us the most amazing roses. This shows three vases we have around our home at the moment. 

This morning though both Tony and I got out in the garden for three hours of hard work and weeded, pruned and cojoled our garden into submission. 

Happy weekend everyone.
Tony and I have a date for high tea - without our teenagers....

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  1. I love roses, too. Pretty easy and gorgeous flowers... if I can ever remember to go cut a few! See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom


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