Five for Fri - 23rd January

Five for Friday is here again so join all these great bloggers and link up with Kacey
to share or read about how many of us have spent our week.

These are my five randoms for this week


This is our last Friday of summer break - so I have been packing in some last minute tasks as well as some important family and friend time. 



We drove to Daylesford this week - it is about 40 minutes away from where we live. Tony and I first lived here when we moved to this state back in the late 80's. We often drive over and have lunch here and wander around through the old book stores, clothing shops and have seen many changes since we first lived here. 


With school starting next week and moving into yet another space, I have needed to put things away, set things up and get organised. Almost done and will share photos soon of my set up. 

I have not been successful in completing my list of TPT products - but have been working on these...

Today we went for another drive to Geelong - about an hour away from here. I is so pretty along the bay. 

Four more days of break!!


  1. Hi Paula!
    I found your blog from the Doodle Bugs linky party! I hope you have a wonderful final weekend before you had back to school!

    1. Weekend looking good - count down to first day back!

  2. I'm so envious of your beautiful pictures of warm weather! I'm in the middle of another Michigan winter...brrrr! Good luck with back to school!

    Forever in Fifth Grade

    1. Yes, we are lucky at this time of the year. Take care in your chilly winter - the roads look dangerous

  3. BAH! I'm in need of the end of the school year to get here so I can enjoy the warm weather too. Hope the last four days are great and the beginning of the year is smooth!

    The Land of I Can

  4. Ballarat really looks like a great place to live - you are so close to so many great places! Would love just to pop down to Geelong for lunch!
    Enjoy your last weekend of freedom for a while Paula!


    1. We are lucky to live where we live. You must be counting down the days until you are on leave.

  5. Yikes! I love your weather, but to think about starting school from the beginning right now is a little daunting. We are halfway or more through our year!
    Have a great week!
    Teachers Are Terrific!


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