Five for Fri - 13th March


Here are my five randoms for this week


We have just had our Begonia Festival last weekend and the sun was out and our local council did an amazing job. Our town was full of people of visiting and enjoying our lovely town. 


Stacey and I (we team teach 48 Year 3/4 students in a shared space) have been worried about some of our kids not having fresh fruit or vegetables to eat so we have started a shared bowl.


Getting ready for Easter - pencils check.


Doing some persuasive texts writing this week. 


Our team has had a focus on handwriting and we have decided to complete an overwrite sheet each day. This is a laminated sheet that we use a normal texta on. 
We are looking at the starting point, formation, entries and exits. 
In the short week we have been ding this we have already noticed better handwriting all day. 

Happy weekend everyone.

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