Currently - May 2015

Oh my it is May!

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Here goes....

Listening -  to an old Miss Marple mystery on the telly. I may have seen it a half dozen times already but it is the noise in the background that I need.

Loving - this massive week of birthdays. Both mine, my husband and our son all in a week! Our son was 20 yesterday and that time has flown so fast. Here are just some of the many faces and laughs our son has provided us with over the last most amazing 20 years.
From our premmie baby to the young man he has become.......

Thinking - I should put away that washing or it will take over our study - at least it is washed and dry. 

Wanting -  to not have a sore throat. I wanted to go with my husband to "Book Town" today, but just couldn't get going. With a school trip tomorrow a need to keep warm. Last year we went and it was very quaint. I know Tony will come back with too many new books and he will have had something very yummy to eat. (Photos from last year)


Needing - to have something for lunch, might make some of my pumpkin soup.

Summer yes, hope, dream - In our summer my two kids and I are heading to the USA for about 3 weeks. A few days in Los Angeles, then Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, then New York for 8 days and maybe Washington then home. Open to suggestions for what we should do while we are there.
It would have been nice to coincide with the TPT Conference, but due to school commitments (mine and my kids we can't go until November. Can't wait.


  1. Heading into winter? I'm definitely not looking forward to that, even though I still have quite awhile before then. I hope you enjoy your U.S. trip! Have you ever visited before? I haven't been to L.A., Las Vegas, or the Grand Canyon, but I have been to New York. Not sure what part you are visiting, but if you are going to NYC, definitely hit up the Disney store. It is the best! :)

    Miss Law's Kinders

  2. Happy May! Glad I found your blog through Farley! Your family pictures are so awesome. Thanks for sharing them. I have a one year old son. I just can't imagine when he is 20 but I do bet it happens in the blink of an eye. Happy birthday to him and the rest of your family members this week. Enjoy your trip to the US! Vegas is one of my favorite places to get away to. Have fun!
    Mrs. Bentin's Blackboard

  3. Birthday celebrations are the best! I'm not fighting a sore throat, but the pollen here in North Carolina is about to get the best of me! Hope you get to feeling better!!

    Fabulous Fun in Grade 1


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