Five for Fri - 12 June


Here are my five randoms for this week

It is winter here in Australia and we have had some dreadful days. 
On Thursday the sky was blue and there were no clouds in the sky - it was freezing though. 
We went for a visit to our kinder and read to our buddies and had a play. 


This photo was in our local media this week. On the other side of our oval we have a public pool that has been a community resource for many years. Last year our Council closed it down. After a long fight it will be open - let's hope in time for our summer.

Later this year I will be travelling to the USA and going to New York and will meet some lovely people in the TPT New York Office. 

In our state we have the option of paying about $4 a fortnight to lease a laptop for school use. These get renewed about every four years. My new one is here and I am fiddling around with files, shortcuts etc. (I do not use it at home for personal stuff or blogging or TPTing)


Author Studies have been a huge success. Stay tune for our Queen Biographies to help understand our Queen's Birthday Holiday weekend. 

Enjoy your weekend - I know I will!


  1. Enjoy your new laptop! I'm being a big brave girl and getting an Apple this time. Just waiting for it to arrive....

  2. Hi! Your school looks so great! Love the outdoor decoration. How fun that you are traveling to NY to visit TpT! I also love your author studies. How fun!
    Mrs B's First Grade


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