Five for Fri - 26th June


Here are my five randoms for this week


A little bit of work on mass this week. 
Some kids were 'hefting', while others were converting measurements, some were calculating with decimal amounts. 


Our winter days have been cold and wet, but we have had the most amazing sunsets. With work being so hectic - it is nice to stop and see the world around us. 

With the end of the term. I have had two Literature Circle groups finish their books. 
They have completed their tasks well this term and I look forward to a new books for each of them. 
I have scaffolded their learning with this recording book from my Literature Circle book. 
I will be adding some new roles to this over the next few days. 


Our procedure writing went very well this week. 
We made one of those folded books and recorded the procedure within it. 


We always gather prior knowledge before we begin a new unit of work. next term we are looking at extinct and endangered flora and fauna. 
This gives our team an idea of what they already know and then we extend their thinking, rather then just teach what we think they should know. 

Happy summer to all those in the Northern Hemisphere and happy winter to us in the Southern Hemisphere. 
We are beginning a two week break - happy holidays.

(Sorry, we do get snow! We do have great ski resorts)

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  1. hi Paula, I love that sunset picture, beautiful! It is fun to see what is happening on the other side of the world. I know you get snow there (your continent is HUGE so of course, all kinds of weather), but that poster is funny anyway! Your students are so above what mine do, it is fascinating to see the high level thinking that is going on, great idea to assess prior knowledge first and then plan to teach, that is the problem with "canned" programs and some of our schools base their whole curriculum off of them now. Anyway, great blog. Paula


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