June currently

June 2015 is here.

Farley does an amazing job with this monthly link up and so many bloggers look out for it
Go and link up to 'Oh, Boy 4th Grade' and go and check out how many do link up and read some posts.

This is such a cute template and while my USA readers are or have gone back to school, summer needs to spin down to us. Can't wait for summer here!

Listening -  TED talks are amazing

Click on the images to go to the clip son TED talks - Every Kid needs a Champion and What do teachers make.

 Image result for what do teachers do/ ted talk

Loving - reports are done - enough said...

Thinking - that on a Saturday night of a long weekend another glass of wine is more than okay

Wanting -  another massage in Bali would be nice, but not going to happen for a long long time

Needing - to tidy my storeroom and purge, purge anything I haven't used in two years.

Summer lovin'  - Australia has just plunged into winter and I am already over it.

Happy June all, bring on July and term break!

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