Five for Friday - 10 July


Here are my five randoms for this week - our last week of winter break.


I have been participating in some challenges that are aimed at making blogging better.
I have learnt so much - periscope being the big big big learning curve. 

This week has been mad!
I have been following Stephanie at Fishing for Education  and
Australian Teachers 

The next two are bloggers - TPTers that I feel I know so well because they have been using the periscope app at the TPT Vegas Conference.

They have blown up social media and have initiated what I call a revolution and assisted in creating tribes, which equals groups...

They have shown us Vegas in an amazing way and those of us who couldn't get there - felt like we were.

Lucky Little Learners
Schroeder Shenanigans in 2nd 


Holidays and shoe shopping - go hand in hand and this time they are not vans.

Yesterday I caught up with four other amazing Aussie bloggers who also do TPT. 
from left to right

We met for lunch and left about 6pm - too much to talk about and share. Plus we were jealous of the whole Vegas thing!


  Jem's Bright ButtonsMiss Galvin Learns

Grab button for Stars and Wishes


My kids and I are planning a trip - leaving Australia on the 27th of November and landing in LA for three nights - catch a Lux Bus to Vegas - three nights and out to the Grand Canyon. 
Then fly to New York for 6 nights. 
Everything organised except the accommodation in New York. 

Any suggestions anyone?


I finally finished up these packs. 
They have been sitting and sitting and sitting and as I have been on term break - they are now done.

Click on the image to access them 

Back to school on Monday....


  1. Thanks for such a lovely day, yesterday, Paula! It's always nice to catch up!

    Miss Galvin Learns

  2. You've had a busy winter break! Your trip to LA, the Grand Canyon, and New York sounds amazing. I hope you're feeling energized and well-rested for your return to the classroom.
    Laughter and Consistency


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