Five for Friday - 30th October 2015


Here are my five randoms for this week


Ballarat kicked off a Food Festival last night. 
We have a building that was used as a Mining Exchange back in the Gold Rush days and hosts many events - the space is huge. 
Lots of local businesses had stalls of yummy food and drink. 
This continues today.

Image result for mining exchange ballarat food festival       Image result for mining exchange ballarat food festival


I was walking down Sturt Street this week and saw lots of kid art. 
Our town is hosting the Archibald Prize and local schools were invited to draw and submit their own versions. 
These have been posted all over town in hundreds of shops. 
They are amazing. 

It is a great exhibition. 
Our town is full of community events lately...


This week I took my work and sat at a local restaurant. 
It was nice to see a different view, enjoy coffee/s, get side tracked by the ducks and work. 
Our daughter is down three exams and three to go!
So I got her out of the house and she studied here too.

I have been working on a Christmas countdown with a difference - watch this space.

Love a bit of book buying...

I am part of an terrific collaborative blog called - Australian Teachers.

We are Aussie teachers but our content is for all teachers around the world. Come on over and visit us.

We posted this pic this week and it went viral - over 14 million views and we have a staggering 11000 new followers on our page!
We sparked so many discussions and controversy. 
It was staggering to read how many teachers did not understand that this only works with zeros in the top line and only if you take one from both numbers. 

Have a great week everybody.

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  1. I'm definitely going to check out your Christmas book responses! It looks great and perfect for the week before Christmas. I also plan to find We Wish You a Ripper Christmas! It looks great. We have some favorite Christmas books, but I haven't purchased any new ones for awhile. It's time for some fresh titles! I'm still anxiously awaiting your Christmas countdown with a difference. Have a nice weekend.
    Laughter and Consistency


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