Five for Friday - 6th November 2015


Here are my five randoms for this week


My daughter is still in exam mode and we escaped to have breakfast out this week. 
She took her notes and her laptop to study. 
Only three exams to go and only 19 days until we go to America!
The countdown is on...


Prepping for Thanksgiving tasks

 I revised this pack this week too.  I changed the clip art and added a few pages. 

I went to see The Dressmaker last night.
I had read the book a few years ago and loved the book. 
The movie was funny and sad and exactly what was needed on a Friday night. 

Image result for the dressmaker book

I have been exploring the tailwind app for pinning posts. 
It saves me hours and I am so glad I have subscribed. 
I have learnt how to space out posts, shuffle them, pin to multiple boards and get the best times to post. 

Image result for tailwind app

Happy weekend all!


  1. Safe travels when you visit the US of America!

  2. You and your daughter have both been extremely busy. She's going to be SO relieved when she's finished with exams. Have a safe trip!
    Laughter and Consistency


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