'If...' is my new treasured book

There is a book called 'If...' (written by David J. Smith, illustrated by Steve Adams) that has become my new treasured book. 

This book has double page spreads that contain a topic that is then put in mathematical terms. 

Did you know?

If your whole life was a pizza divided into 12 slices...
4 would spent at school or work
4 would be getting ready to sleep or sleeping
1 would be shopping, caring for others and doing things ta home
1 would be travelling to work, school, shops and on holidays
1 would be preparing and eating food
and the last 1 would be leisure, recreation, exercise, games, social activities and surfing the internet

There is even a teacher/parent page. 

This would be a great text to use to get kids to choose their own topic and present it mathematically. 

You will love it too!

Another great book for math thinking is 'Counting on Frank'

Everything is measured in dogs!

Years ago - before blogging, I had a grade that did a version called "Counting on Mrs Shaw' and they made their own version that included how many of me would fit 
-in our classroom-
-in my car-
-in the in the staffroom-
-on the footpath outside our classroom-
-in the sport shed-
-in a phone box-
(it was a long time ago)

We entered it into a competition for math thinking and won!

Image result for counting on Frank

Image result for counting on Frank

Image result for counting on Frank

What are your treasured books?

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