December 1st - Elf on the Shelf - Book #1

December 1st means introducing "Elf on the Shelf''. 
This is such an exciting thing to do and the anticipation of what the elf will get up to adds the the Christmas season. 

Over the next 23 days I will be sharing with you my next 23 all time fav Christmas books. 
At the end of each post there will be a link up for you to share your top book/s too. 

You can add one each day if you like and link back to your blog or link to a product you have based on a book. 

Check the rules at the bottom of the post. 

As a grade we do a survey and name our Elf for the month of December. 

We brainstorm names and list them along with the meanings and then vote. 
Possible names - Snowflake, Elfin, Holly, Pixie, Buttons, Pixie, Sparkle and Jingle. 
This is a great opportunity to use our persuasive skills to influence others to vote for a name. 
The winner is - Pixie!

The 'Elf on the Shelf'' book and Elf are in the #1 Book Bag, which we open on the 1st December.
See October 27th post to see how I set up these bags. 

The book helps to introduce the elf and the rules for the next month. 

So Pixie's rules are...
she reports to Santa each night and appears in a different spot the following morning
the kids get to look for her and predict where she might be tomorrow
no one must touch the elf - Pixie is there to just watch

So over the next 23 days check back in to see what Pixie has been up to!

Check out my Elf Diary templates -  take pictures each day and write a narrative/recount about the Elf escapades. 

Rules for the link up are - must be about a Christmas book - can be a link to your blog, but must contain a Christmas book post - can be a link to your store about a Christmas pack, but must be about a Christmas Book, not just Christmas themed. 
Visit at least one person who has linked up and leave a comment for them. 

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