April 2016 - Currently

April, April, April...

Farley does an amazing job with this monthly link up and so many bloggers look out for it
Go and link up to 'Oh, Boy 4th Grade' and go and check out how many do link up and read some posts.

Oh Boy It's Farley
For some it s Spring Break - here in Aus we are about to move into Autumn and then the dreaded winter (arrgggghhhh)

Listening -  to the traffic outside in Collins Street, Melbourne

Lovingbeing on a four day trip to stay with my daughter while she is at University

Thinking - about meeting friends for dinner tonight on Southbank

Wanting -   to have taken more photos yesterday at a teacher insta meet up. So thanks to Bec from HappyFri-Yay and ThePolkaDotApple and many others for posting some pics

Just some of the great teachers who were there (see insta handles)

Needing - to blog regularly, I miss it

1st day you and kids - surely I can buy another pair of vans – may or may not be my 19th pair

Happy April


  1. Hi Paula! I know what it feels like to not blog regularly...I'm guilty of it. It can be difficult but I'm hoping to become consistent with it again this summer! How was the meet-up? It looks like everyone enjoyed themselves! I'll be attending my first one this month and I'm pretty excited about it!

    Hope all is well and that you're having a great school year!

  2. I'm visiting my daughter, too, in Seattle where she moved after graduation. Nice to get away and great to see her! And aren't meet-ups great... the blogging kind that is. See you around. Kathleen


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