My 2018 EC Life Planner...

This could be a love story about a Life Planner that I am obsessed with!
This could be about two generations that have a love story about a diary!

I need to say that I am not affiliated with EC Planners and this is about a company that has always delivered what I have ordered - up until now. 

They have serious issues with quality control - not only has this been an expensive exercise for me, but they have had to redo my order twice to get it right. Third time lucky!

Let me take you back to 2014...

This was my first order from EC it was a 2014 - 2015 18 month planner - it was perfect and I adored it.

So for 2016 I ordered not only myself another one but also added one to my cart for my daughter as a surprise Christmas present. 
This time I ordered a gold coil for me and my daughter wanted a silver one. 
Again we loved them!

Cue 2017 and this is what we ordered and again - loved them!
Mine has a black coil and I loved it, I thought long and hard about rose gold, but thought I would get one for 2018.

So for 2018 I ordered another one for my daughter, for her birthday, with a silver coil.
I decided to pay the extra and go rose gold.

This is what arrived!!!!!!

No rose gold - after ignored emails and then finally me getting cross on their public facebook page I was offered a $20 voucher. NO way - I wanted what I had paid for. 

So two weeks later my new planner arrived and when I opened it 

They had sent a replacement for my daughter's planner and not mine!

Beyond frustrated now....
Not accepting the voucher for $20 again this time, waiting for the right planner to arrive.....

So third time lucky- I have my rose gold coil planner and I do love it.
But do I love it enough to order one for 2019? Let's wait and see.

I just need to say that for each of these years I have also had a Teacher Planner - these planners and the Life Planners are not cheap and when you put them in Australian Dollars they are very expensive. 

I know others have had issues with the rose gold coil - which is why I put it off. This year my teacher planner has a rose gold coil and I haven't had any problems. 

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  1. That's a pretty frustrating exercise to wade through. Fancy offering a refund voucher instead of making sure you had what you ordered. Maybe the business is getting too big too fast and they don't have their quality control systems in place to keep up with demand?
    I wish my life work in paper planners, like it used to. Those EC are all over YouTube and they look so pretty. But no. My teacher planning works better in Word (it's very detailed), and I travel very light, so I need something much smaller as my own planner. iPhone to the rescue there.
    Enjoy your rose gold coil....*swoon*.


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