Story Book Sunday - Hetty's Day Out

Hetty's Day Out by Pamela Allen is a lovely book about a cat and her day outside.
She walks around, as cats do, and is given food. 
It is great counting book - great for subitizing. 
I love it for the position and time connective words.

As a class read aloud you can record the events in sequence and write a list - a sequence - or a recount.

I love the simple illustrations and colors used in the text - they allow you to focus on the story.

What I'm not a fan of is the use of and to start a sentence - but is a good talking point.
I love the book, so I can get past that.


  1. I know what you mean - I don't like when sentences start with the word "and" either! Looks like a very adorable book!

  2. Pamela Allen is always a favourite author, and her books make me melt a little inside every time. It's a funny thing - starting sentences with 'and'. Grammatically, it's just incorrect. Plain and simple. However, in our modern culture this is the way people write in informal circumstances. Actually, even in books the 'and' beginning is becoming more popular. Sometimes the effect works, in its context. In children's own writing, though, I would always help them edit their work to become a conjunction, or start the sentence with a different word.


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