Story Book Sunday - Stellaluna

I have been absent from posting the last few weeks - the flu has been sweeping through everyone I know here down under.
But here is my Story Book Sunday post for this week. 

This is a another one of my go to books - I loved hearing it read by a lovely librarian I used to work with and now the reaction of kids when they hear it, is priceless. 

Stellaluna is written by 
Stellaluna is the tender story of a lost young bat who finally finds her way safely home to her mother and friends.
In this story, a baby bat separated from her mother is raised by a mother bird, on the condition that she acts as birds do: sleep at night, don't hang upside down, and eat worms and insects. Though she doesn't like behaving in this way, Stellaluna agrees and tries to prove she fits in with the birds.
Enjoy this online version read by Pamela Reed. 

I have chosen Stellaluna for the this week.

Click here for my pack on Stellaluna - Reading and Writing Tasks that are ready to print and go

Stellaluna – English pack 45 pages

Word Wall Cards - Use these words as a display or in a learning centre to sort into categories or to find our meanings or to put into sentences or stories or use in writing or put into alphabetical order

KWHL - Copy each page and display as a grade list the things you - Know about Stellaluna - Want to know about Stellaluna - How will we find this out - Our new Learning about Stellaluna

Word Splashes - Around each picture record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns

Interactive Pages - On the front – draw an illustration. Under the flap – write a description for the Beginning, middle and end of story and Personality traits for Stellaluna

Writing Tasks - Flap Book, Stellaluna loves to…, Life in a nest, Spare writing pages , ACROSTIC poem, Side graphics for stories , Venn Diagram , At night I …If I were a bat I would 

Word Work - Use these as a whole class lesson or an individual focus for word work tasks. Pages for – at, ir, ight

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