Saturday, November 17, 2018

Ice Cream Math

Who doesn't love ice cream? This pack is engaging, colorful and full of addition ideas. Use this Ice Cream Shop to create your own ice creams and work out the cost for each one.
It is your choice if you show your students how to record dollars and cents. My extension students do, but my other students do not. Use bundling sticks or Base 10 blocks to work out the cost. Check on a calculator – they love doing this.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fraction Lapbook

Learning about fractions can be fun. 
This Fraction Lapbook investigates the fractions of half, thirds, quarters, fifths and sixths. 
(There is a section at the end for fourths).
Choose which sections you need to copy for color or black /white printing.
The pack contains
  • There are detailed instructions to put the folder together and photos to assist you through every step-A choice between a color and black/white cover
  • A template for where to place each part of the folder
  • Level One, Two and Three Learning Goals to achieve
  • Pocket templates to attach to sort fraction cards-Color and black/white options for sorting cards
  • A ‘Fraction Fact Booklet’ to work through to build knowledge about whole, half, third, quarter (fourth), fifth and sixth
  • A ‘Fraction Example’ Booklet for each child to record their knowledge about whole, half, third, quarter (fourth), fifth and sixth
  • A section that has replacement pages for quarters/fourth and recognise/recognize
This pack contains references to - half, halves, thirds, quarters, fourths, fifths, sixths, whole. 

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

Letter Writing - a lost art

40 pages 
 Letter writing is an art! 
We love to receive letters and what better way than write one first. 
This pack will show you why and how we should write letters. 
There are posters, templates and ideas to use to get your students writing letters. 

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This pack includes - 
• Posters for - Why do we write letters? Why write a letter, Parts of a letter 
• Rubric for letter Writing 
• What we know about letter writing? 
• Why do we write letters? • What steps are needed after we write a letter? 
• What does a letter look like? 
• What does an envelope need on it? 
• Address an envelope to your family?
 • What other items do we post? 
• What are the busiest times at the post office?
 • Draw the logo for our postal service 
• Design and make your own mailbox 
• Design your own stamp 
• How to make an envelope #1 
• How to make an envelope #2 
• Add a graphic to a letter to say ‘Thank you to the Tooth Fairy’ and ‘We Should Have More Recess 
• 12 different pages to use to write a letter

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Addition and Subtraction - Cactus Themed Pack

This pack is aimed at revising number concepts to 20. 
Then once you know that your students understand these concepts it prepares them to begin adding and subtracting. 

Thursday, July 12, 2018

This bundle has been revised! Back to School 10 Math Tasks

This bundle is huge!
There are so many options for printing - full color, less color and some black and white for printing on colored card. 

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