USA Fire Prevention Week - October 4-10

Next week is Fire Prevention Week in the USA.

This post has a book review - links to my Fire English, Math and Bundle and at the very bottom a pinterest link to more books to read. 

This is a great picture story book for young readers and start the conversation about why we need to mindful of keeping ourselves safe and the great job our firefighters do. 


I like this book because it has clear text and the pictures are sharp. The page that shows the back of the fire truck is engaging and great for oral labeling in a shared text group. 

These are my packs that help support Fire Prevention Week. 
Click on the images to see them in more detail. 

Fire - 10 English Tasks (K-1)
This pack will assist with fire knowledge through enhancing vocabulary through writing, punctuation and interactive note pages. 
104 pages
You may decide to copy two pages onto one page to have less color copying or use the ‘save my ink’ versions that are included with each section. Each section has a cover page with instructions.
Letter Matching - Color copy and laminate the pieces. There are two sets – one is ‘save my ink’. Match up the lower case to the upper case letters
Peg my sound - Look at the picture and make your choice about the starting sound – white set. Ending sound – light yellow set. Some words may have more than one answer – so check your thinking!
Fire words for your word wall - Color copy and display. There is a spare sheet for you to record your own words on.
How many Words do you know? These are based on the DOLCH primer lists. List One – Prep Primer is yellow. List Two – Primer list is light yellow. List Three – Grade One is red, List Four - Grade Two is mustard. List Five – Grade Three is gray.
Are/can/have - Templates for extinguisher, fire man, fire station, fire truck, fire and fire dog.
Punctuation - Read at the text and make your choice about the correct punctuation – use a peg to show your answer.
Label the pictures. Copy as needed and use the word lists provided to write the labels.
A reader. This will give you two readers when it is copied. Staple where the two black marks are and them cut in half. Add the phone number you need to dial in an emergency. Read and color.
Interactive Notebook section. Fireman, Fire Truck, Fire Plan, Fire fighters also ….
Writing Print and Go - There is a planning picture sheet to copy for all writing templates. Then attach at the top of the story before you display it.  There are five topic starters included.

Fire – 10 Math Tasks (K-1)
This pack will help to consolidate simple trust the count, adding 1 and 2, doubles, skip counting and place value. It contains ‘save my ink versions’. (156 pages)

Ten Frames - Color copy and laminate all the cards. Use as flash cards to trust the count and Subitise. Use to make and record number stories 9 = 5+4, 5 = 3+2. These cards are vertical to help prepare for place value and adding to ten 10 + 9 = 19. Two copies – one for ‘save my ink’

Peg my number - Count the objects and place a peg on the correct numeral.

Make a picture - Sequence the boxes in order of the numbers
This will show you a picture of the some fire fighting images. Copy, laminate and cut on the lines. Children will place back in correct order.

Missing Fire Dog - Color copy and laminate the cards. Place the missing dog in the correct spot. Two versions – one is ‘save my ink’.

How many firemen fit in the truck? - Sequence the fire trucks in order of the numbers. Then put the number of fireman needed for each fire truck next to it. You will need 20 copies of the fireman page. There is save an ink version. Copy and laminate.

Which fireman has more extinguishers? - Set one –0-20, Set Two –0-100. Color copy, laminate and cut. Place the extinguishers in the correct side. Plus a save an ink version.

How many ladders? - Work out how many ladders. Color copy and laminate, then display around the room. Read the equations and use the ladders like a number line. Record your answer on the answer sheet.

Equations +1, +2 - Color copy and laminate cards A-Z. Display the A-Z cards around the room. Use the recording sheet to write your answer. There is a save an ink version.

Doubles - Color copy and laminate. Place the cards in a pile and take one at a time. Work out the answer, you may need to use counters to support some children. Record your answers on the answer sheet. Also includes a save an ink version.

Fireman-Read the room - This task is about place value. Color copy and laminate cards. Display the A-Z cards around the room. Use the recording sheet to write your answer for each one.

Or save on money and get it as a bundle. Click the image belowto see the pack.

This is a pinterest link to some more great reads. 

Jack and Jill

Kids love Nursery Rhymes and the predictability of them. 

The sense of humor they bring and the almost 'slap stick' comedy value adds to the engagement in language. 

I have been playing around with several packs of Nursery Rhymes and will eventually bundle them, but at the moment they are in single packs. 

This task is about reading the text and placing the missing words in the right spots. 
I encourage crossing out of the words at the bottom, so they know which words are left to use. 

This is my Jack and Jill pack. 

This jigsaw task is about sequencing the rhyme. 

Cut the pieces out  - put them in the correct order before gluing - check and then glue.

Then add color.

This about adding Jack and Jill to the hill. The text at the bottom is to be read and I tick the words they know - and then we can work on the others in word work time. 

This is another alternative to the sequencing of the text. 

Here is more detail about what is included...
Nursery Rhymes help young learners to predict text and explore new words. They are an important shared experience for reading and writing. These 97 pages focus on shared and independent reading experiences. (85 pages)
Class Book - Three versions to choose from - full color - part color - no color
KWHL - Copy each page and display. As a grade list the things you know, want to know, how we will find this out and our new Learning
Word Splashes - Around each picture record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns
Text formats - A poster to use to read along to with your grade. Booklet for students to read in small groups and independently - Copy and staple. Then cut in half and it produces two books.
Reading cards to sort in the correct order and use them for read the room 
Writing - A variety of writing tasks has been included in the pack, choose which ones best suit your students, Beginning, middle and end interactive - Side graphics for stories  - If I were the… I would…., Journal page (copy one for each child) and a cover for the whole grade to make a book for shared reading  - Recount- Before and After  - Venn Diagram, Read the Room
Print and Go - Add the pictures, Jigsaw task, Sequence, Add the missing word, Breaking news 
Puzzle - Choose the color or black and white copy and laminate. Match the puzzle pieces and then put them in the correct order.
Word Work - Use these as a whole class lesson or individual for word work tasks. Pages for – ck, ill, ow, tch, ai
Stick Puppets - Copy the page of your choice. Cut and attach to sticks. Students perform oral plays with the characters

Alphabet Puzzles

All good teaching comes from knowing your kids - gathering information, assessments, data - it all mean the same thing really. 

We should never embark on a teaching sequence without knowing what each student needs to learn. 

This sound/letter assessment is one way of getting to know which sounds/letters your students need to know. 

You will notice that the letters are out of sequence. This is deliberate so that they don't just 'sing' it, they need to know each one. 

I have a column for capitals and lower case. 
Under each one is space to highlight or tick if they know the sound, the letter and a word that begins with that sound/letter. 

I use different styles of letters as this is what our readers will see when they read any print in their world. 

I use a different highlighter for each month and that way I can track new learning and see where they have come from. 

This then tells me which sounds/letters to focus on in teaching groups. 

This next task is about matching words to pictures but with a focus on initial sound. So kids who know the initial sounds can progress to looking across the word - that was there is dfiffferentiation. 

Cut out the interactive flaps and then add the words underneath. 

Color at the end!

This is another way to consolidate initial sounds and is hands on. 
The jigsaw can be used again and again when you laminate them. 

United Nations Day - October 24

October 24 is United Nations Day - this pack is an Information Text pack for Year 3/4

This pack provides information about the United Nations and the General Assembly. 
This information will assist in the writing of your own Information Report, guided by a rubric. (35 Pages)

This is what it contains
KWHL for United Nations - This will assist in assessing what your grade knows and will help when writing the Information Text
This is what we know about…
This is what we want to know …
This is how we will find out what we want to know……
This is our new learning about ….

Facts - These cards can be used as discussion starters or display these facts about the United Nations and discuss what they mean and can used as starters for the Information Text to help build the paragraphs

Photos - These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Information Text

Reading - This text is to be used to record the main ideas and the supporting information 
The second task is to paraphrase the text

Writing - These photos are to be used to assist in writing the text. Print off and display around the finished Information Text. The rubrics is helpful in assessing the text. A planner is included for the Information text

Epic app - no pun intended

This app is free - yes free!
I just wanted to share this as I can see so many uses in my classroom. 

Kids can all log in and use them for Guided Reading or Reciprocal Reading, shared texts and independent reading too. 

There are so many books on it and the quality of them is high, the text is meaningful, kids love them and it is easy to navigate. 
So I registered and found I can register my grade and track what they read 

The guest icon allows me to see all the books I wanted to see. 

You can narrow your list or choose all categories.

The welcome page is clear and again easy to navigate.

I then selected a book and the Shark book caught my eye. 
Some books have a button to click so that it is read to you. 

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