Monday, September 28, 2015

Jack and Jill

Kids love Nursery Rhymes and the predictability of them. 

The sense of humor they bring and the almost 'slap stick' comedy value adds to the engagement in language. 

I have been playing around with several packs of Nursery Rhymes and will eventually bundle them, but at the moment they are in single packs. 

This task is about reading the text and placing the missing words in the right spots. 
I encourage crossing out of the words at the bottom, so they know which words are left to use. 

This is my Jack and Jill pack. 

This jigsaw task is about sequencing the rhyme. 

Cut the pieces out  - put them in the correct order before gluing - check and then glue.

Then add color.

This about adding Jack and Jill to the hill. The text at the bottom is to be read and I tick the words they know - and then we can work on the others in word work time. 

This is another alternative to the sequencing of the text. 

Here is more detail about what is included...
Nursery Rhymes help young learners to predict text and explore new words. They are an important shared experience for reading and writing. These 97 pages focus on shared and independent reading experiences. (85 pages)
Class Book - Three versions to choose from - full color - part color - no color
KWHL - Copy each page and display. As a grade list the things you know, want to know, how we will find this out and our new Learning
Word Splashes - Around each picture record words to describe it. Discuss adjectives, verbs and nouns
Text formats - A poster to use to read along to with your grade. Booklet for students to read in small groups and independently - Copy and staple. Then cut in half and it produces two books.
Reading cards to sort in the correct order and use them for read the room 
Writing - A variety of writing tasks has been included in the pack, choose which ones best suit your students, Beginning, middle and end interactive - Side graphics for stories  - If I were the… I would…., Journal page (copy one for each child) and a cover for the whole grade to make a book for shared reading  - Recount- Before and After  - Venn Diagram, Read the Room
Print and Go - Add the pictures, Jigsaw task, Sequence, Add the missing word, Breaking news 
Puzzle - Choose the color or black and white copy and laminate. Match the puzzle pieces and then put them in the correct order.
Word Work - Use these as a whole class lesson or individual for word work tasks. Pages for – ck, ill, ow, tch, ai
Stick Puppets - Copy the page of your choice. Cut and attach to sticks. Students perform oral plays with the characters

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