Alliteration is awesome

44 pages 
 Use the Alliteration Posters to help you make a class book to share during reading time. 
 Explore alliteration by recording a definition and examples on the Interactive Note Page. 
 Use the second template to record a sentence for each letter. 
There are two font choices. 
Choose your best sentence and make a page to go into a class book on the third template. 
See the photos to help guide you in your class book task. 
 There are three covers to choose from. 
If you want to display them, they could always go into the Alliteration Book later. 
 Use the posters provided to motivate reluctant writers to complete their own alliteration sentences.

Number Posters 0-20 (Sea Theme)

Choose the size of poster you would like and laminate them for long term use. 

I store my two smaller sizes in a zip lock bag and have the larger size on display.

 These two smaller sizes are great for sequencing and recognition as flash cards. 

These Sea Theme 0-20 Number Posters are great for displaying in your room. 

They will help with the concept of number – how to read them, how to spell them and how to order them. There are three size options for you to use. 

The smaller versions can be used as flash cards that can be put into numerical order. (40 pages)

Queen's Birthday 2016

The Queen has two birthdays - one private and the other not so private. 

In Australia we get a long weekend for this - most states take a day in June. 

I have put together two packs - the first one is a writing themed pack for Grades 2-5 and the second is for P-2. Click on the images for more information. 

Here are some throw back photos of some craft we did last year!

How do you celebrate Father's Day? Check out our Father's Day cards and math centers

In some parts of the world we celebrate Father's Day in September (Aus) and in other parts of the world it is in June (USA). When do you celebrate Father's Day?

We like to make a Father's Day card for all the Dads, Grandads and special people in our lives to tell them how important they are to us. 

We have two card options for you to use. 
Let us help you with these printable cards. 
Firstly we have some simple card options for you to print and go.
All the dads will love this...

Thanks to all the Dads for being Dads

 Scroll down or click here to see each pack in more detail.

We also have a card that is ready to fill with memories, facts and ideas about the time spent with the important Dads in our lives. This is available with Grandad and other options. 

Then just for fun we have prepared some Math Centers that are themed for Father's Day. 

Happy Father's Day...

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