Storybook Saturday - Polar Express

Welcome to Storybook Saturday.
Each Saturday, link up with me to share a story book you have read or are about to read this week.

There are not many rules but please abide by them

Post about the storybook you have read or are about to read.
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You may choose one book or a few books.

Here is my book for this week.

 I know I say this every time I post about a book - but I just love this book.
Kid's love it and don't get me started on the movie - love, love, love it!

I have prepared a unit of work for my advanced Preps - it is actually aimed at Year 2/3/4 and focuses on using Thinking Tools - Thinker's Keys, Blooms, DeBono Hats and stretches thinking around reading and writing of the text.

There is also a Math freebie - click here to grab it

It is about the magic of Christmas and one little boy and his dream.
One trip to the North Pole and a special ticket and a magic bell and all is right with Christmas.

Five for Friday - 29th Nov

Here are my five randoms for this week

I have been part of an Aussie Blog Hop for a Christmas down under.
Check it out - it is live until the 25th of December.

I am getting ready for Christmas - laminating and getting ready for some extra fun and heaps of learning at the same time. This is a photo of my 170 page Math pack with 12 learning tasks.


This is my Writing pack and it contains 40 tasks!


I have been working with 50 other bloggers to bring you a surprise - it will all be revealed on Monday!

I have been so busy getting so much ready for this sale. I hope you have your wish lists ready! 
This little grid below is a year of hard work. Our system in our state expects all my 5/6 year olds to be reading at Level 5 at the end of December.
(I have blacked out the names on the left.)

I am so excited as all my students have reached this milestone. 
The exciting part is that many have exceeded this!
At the end of next year they need to be at Level 15 - I have ten gorgeous kids who are doing that and some are doing more!
At the end of the following year - so two years ahead they need to be at 20 - there are five who are there already. 
This is scary and writing reports for them is scary - but they have proved to me that they can do this.
I am very color co ordinated and each month is a different color, that way I can see the growth over months and track kids if they haven't moved in a while. 

Have a great week everyone. We only have 3 weeks of school left.......

4th December - can you wait?

On the 4th December there is a surprise coming your way 
- it is big, it is huge.......
- it involves 50 bloggers and it involves an amazing gift for you
What is it?
I can't tell you until the 4th (USA time)
You will have to be patient and wait

Graphics/Fonts - Melonheadz and KG Fonts

Sand play

Sand play is a great way to assess how our students measure and estimate. 
We were investigating how to fill containers and measure different amounts of sand from each shovel. 
The ways in which my preps described how they could measure and check was quite sophisticated. 
Plus we had fun!!!

Next Monday and Tuesday (USA time) TPT is having a huge sale.
There will be a huge number of sellers taking part, including me!
I have so many items on my wish list - I can't wait.
There is some more clip art I have my eye on. I have become a bit addicted. 
Everything in my store is is in the sale

Looking at old toys and gold!!!!!!

My grade went to Sovereign Hill recently. 
This is a place in Ballarat that shares our gold history and what life was like - it is a living museum about the 1850's. 
We have such a great history here. 
They had the best time. 
The reason they went was to see old toys that kids used to use. 
While they were there - they looked at the old bowling alley, the wheels on carts, the old store and panned for gold. They actually found some. 

Blogging friends

Blogging has added such a lovely dimension to my life and when bloggers get together we do some amazing things.

Tania has 200 followers and we all got together to help her celebrate - visit her blog and join in the two rafflecopters to win your choice of items from all these stores plus $10 in Mel's Frog Spot store.

If you missed this yesterday there is an Aussie Blog Hop with some Christmas freebies. So check it out by visiting this first stop. Click on the image below to start.......

Aussie Christmas Blog Hop is live.....

Welcome to our Aussie blog hop

As you move through these exciting blogs fill your Santa sack with some amazing resources

Don't forget to leave some Christmas cheer with a comment - we all love a comment or two
Don't forget to follow my blog and TPT store if you like my freebie

I am stop number five - click on the button below to access my freebie - the link to the next blog is at the bottom of this post

Thank you for dropping by and downloading my freebie

another great freebie into your sack


Merry Christmas

No Saturday Storybook - sorry

Next Saturday I will be back with Storybook Saturday

I am in the middle of report writing and looking at my collected data 

These are my checklists on my iPad- they keep me on track and let me know what is the next goal for each child

Happy report writing to all those who are working on them 

Five for Friday - 2nd Nov

Seven days can be gone in a blink!
Here are my five randoms for this week

I have been organising my Christmas work - we won't start using them for another week - but I am ready. 
If you would like to check them out - click here to go to my TPT store

I am part of an Aussie blog hop that will start on Sunday - come back and check it out. There will be some freebies for you (ssshhh - mine is a Polar Express Counting freebie). I had lots of fun creating it.

Just loving that it is Friday. 
However, this weekend I will be bunkered down as I need to write 22 reports. 
Honestly, I enjoy writing them. I love being able to focus on each one of my kids and record for parents what has happened and what direction we need to take. 
It is a celebration of our year so far.

We have all undergone our reviews recently and today we got some feedback around the process and future directions for us all. Our Principal spoke about how collaborative we are, our growth in focusing on assessing, planning and the impact of our pedagogy and how we have impacted on student learning. 
We are developing a plan to keep moving and adding value to everyone in our school community. 


Dreamlike Magic designed my blog and now I have had them design a business card for me.
I just love it.

Have a great week everyone. 
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