Thursday, November 7, 2013

On leave.....

Today I am at home - I am on long service leave...

You all know that I love my job to bits, so being away from work is massive for me. However, my son is going through an important phase and I need and want to be here for him. Exams!

So while he sleeps in, I can do a little blogging in the mornings.

My posts will be a bit different for the next few weeks as I will not have photos of what my grade are doing.

So I am going to take a different slant and this week I am going to share more about my coaching role. 

A few years ago I was very lucky to be part of our state initiative to coach in low performing schools and had access to the most amazing opportunities and professional learning. I also got to work with the most amazing staff in these schools, who were teaching their hearts out to do the best they could be everyday. 

So today I am going to share a booklet that I was lucky enough to have helped put together with some amazing people. 

Click on the cover to go the whole PDF.
It is an easy read and outlines the 6 elements for effective coaching.

 These are the six elements

 Each element has a series of levels. The entry level for a coach is different depending on their own skills and experiences as well as those of the teacher we are working with.

Professional Relationships is the number one element. Without mutual respect and understanding - coaching cannot happen.
As a coach any relationship we enter into will only work when we start from a positive place.
Coaching is not only for teachers who need help, coaching is for everyone.

I left state based coaching four years ago. 
In my current school we are a school that has good results but we have a coaching culture, with a coach leading each team. 
As some of you know I teach four days a week and coach one day a week.
At our school everyone is coached, even our Principal is coached.

Here is the link to the whole PDF


  1. Hi Paula,

    We are looking at introducing mentoring next year, so this looks very interesting. We are a low performing school with 20% aboriginal students. I am changing to our first full time learning support teacher as of next year, so no more class for me for a while, and I am heading up the introduction of a new reading program in K-2 as part of our National Partnerships. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go off class! but after a month to think about what it entails! I am getting quite excited and am finding it hard to now focus on my class. I am currently off class 2 days a week to set things up for next year and am enjoying the new challenge. If you know of any good websites or things to look at that would be helpful, it would be much appreciated if you could let me know. Thanks, Tracy.

    1. I was also part of National Partnerships. I tried to email you, but you are a no reply blogger. I have a heap of resources that I would live to share. Do you want to email me at and I will send you some stuff?

  2. I don't know why there are random exclamation marks . . . Strange.


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