It is very important that all of us remember the sacrifices the hardship and the devastation that war causes. 
We need to instil in our future generations how hard war is on families, countries and our economies. 

I have some books below that I recommend as well as two apps you may like to share with your grade. 

I have this pack in my store for K-2 students.

It has 31 pages and gives some background notes about ANZAC Day. I have also suggested books to read – 5 books

Word Work - How many words can you make? - Venn Diagram on flags 

Work on Writing - My thoughts about ANZAC Day - Recount ANZAC Day March - A wreath - Symbols

Reading - Only a Donkey – list animals

- My Grandad Marches on ANZAC DAY – character map, story board and beginning/middle/ending

- Small share book

Craft  - Directions and a template to make a flag

I have started a pack for Year 3/4 which will contain some photo writing prompts, a word wall template, cooking task, making paper poppies and a look at the symbols associated with ANZAC Day 

I have over the last few years gathered a few books about ANZAC Day and highly recommend you fond them in your libray - or like me check out your local book store. 

This one is my latest purchase....

There are also two apps that I would highly recommend

This one is called Gallipoli and has video, old articles, tasks and medals to gather. It is also free from our ABC.

The second one is called Remembering Them. 

It gives you access to real records all over Australia as shown below. 

Even our Foundation (Prep) students need to have an understanding about ANZAC Day

We have created this pack just for our very young students so that they can engage in an understanding of what this day means.

This pack will help you to explore through reading, writing, craft and cooking why ANZAC Day is so important to commemorate with our young students.

Five for Fri - 20th March


Here are my five randoms for this week


Our end of term staff function was a little boat ride on the lake with a few nice drinks and laughs!


A lovely weekend for a drive and our daughter is building up her hours for her license. 
A nice drive to Geelong for lunch.

The weather is so nice - I do not want it to get cold!

We had fun doing some graph work from 
Sara Frampton - this was a fab freebie for graphing 


Finally getting those core drawers sorted 

 Putting holes in them for the screw and knob to sit nicely....

Cut them out.....

Attach and ready to go......


Getting our Easter on - sorting out some gifts....

Happy weekend...

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