Monday, November 16, 2015

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Folktale or Christmas?

This book is a folktale and people often read it at this time of the year because it has elves!

If you choose to read it to your kids - please explain that is a folktale.

These tasks will help you to explore The Elves and the Shoemaker and respond to the text in a variety of ways.

The pack contains 75 pages and there are many tasks

  • KWHL - What I know – What I want to know – How will I find it out – My new learning
  • Sequencing tasks x2
  • Word splash – Elves – Shoemaker – wife
  • Character Traits – wife –Shoemaker – Elf
  • Instructions  for INB
  • INB for beginning, middle and end
  • INB for Elf, Shoemaker, wife – is-has-can
  • Add a picture to your story instructions
  • Recount
  • Pictures to add to story
  • Word focus
  • Compare characters
  • Text connections
  • Text to self – text- world
  • The best part of the story
  • Main idea
  • Summary
  • Recount
  • Create a story
  • Compare truth  - fantasy
  • Change the ending
  • Devise questions
  • I see, I think, I wonder
  • Persuade others to read this book
  • Making lists
  • Be a designer
  • Suggestions please
  • Setting, characters, complications and resolutions
  • DeBono Hat thinking
  • Character traits
  • Conversations x4
  • Missing words with answers
  • Point of view
  • Story parts
  • Comprehension x2
  • Sequence task
  • Small book with instructions
  • Story map
  • 5Ws
  • Stick Puppets
  • Script planner x2
  • Story board planner
  • Story Board INB
  • Script between 2 characters x 4
  • Script note page x2
  • Design some clothes 

This is a delightful version I found on YouTube - click here
Your kids can then do a compare and contrast of the book you read and this version, 

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