Without water we would not survive!

This pack will help you to explore vocabulary to help you understand the rain cycle and the types of clouds in our sky. 
There is a mapping task to show where the most and the least rainfall occurs throughout the world. Explore photos of rain and discuss the impact on our planet and our lives. 

You might find these helpful

Cinco de Mayo

This lapbook comes with vocab cards, facts, photos and writing pieces to help build a picture of what Cinco de Mayo Day is all about.

Keep scrolling to see what the lapbook looks like.

How do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo Day?

Scientific Method and Chemical Science

We are doing some kitchen science and looking at and recording chemical change.
Last week we made sherbet and used the scientific method of creating and testing a hypothesis. 

These posters have helped us to work through the scientific process. 
Click on the images to see more

We are also using this word wall to record new words

There are two sets - I like the one with the science verbs on them. 

Sunflowers, plants and ...

Sunflowers make me happy!
I love them - I can't help but smile when I see them.

This pack has heaps of ideas to help you look at the life cycle of a sunflower.
You can keep a diary as they grow.
There are pictures to motivate your kids to write.

Keep scrolling and see the links I have added to help you look at sunflowers.

This is a great time lapse video of the seeds moving

Make a paper plate or forked painted sunflower.. click on the images below 


Mother's Day ideas for you

Mother's Day is almost here!

As a mother - the most joyous thing my kids ever gave me were the handmade items that they made. 
They may have been rough, not polished, didn't cost very much but they will always remain my most treasured gifts.

To help you create these much loved items I have put together some resources for you.

There is a card that opens up that contain memories, stories and thoughts about how special mothers are. It does contain options for Mum, Mom, Mother, Grandma, Nan and Auntie.

The second pack is a powerpoint that contains facts to share with your grade.

The third pack has templates for creating a bouquet.

The last pack has step by step instructions to create a handbag with IOUs in it. There are also lots of writing tasks included for you to use.

Five for Friday - 15th April


Five for Friday is here so head on over to link up with Kacey

Work has been so busy - but lovely busy!

I have missed blogging like I used to, I have forgotten to take photos and I have missed the time to be as reflective.

So here I go with my five randoms for this week.


Autumn is here in Australia - I hope we have many blue skies to come.
I just love summer - but Autumn would be my second favourite season.

We started off our new term looking at our Indigenous Australians and what makes their culture so amazing.

On the 25th of April it will be ANZAC Day - so we have started looking at picture story books and discussing their common content.


Here is the link (click here) to may pack that contains reading responses that are open ended and fit any ANZAC Day picture story book. 

We are using Words Their Way and have really been getting our word sorts sorted!

Well almost!

My current project is making a Science Word Wall - this will be available in color and black/white. You will be able to display it and then add words to it as you brainstorm with your grade. 

Keep your eye out for it...

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