Harmony Day

Now you can  purchase this Powerpoint of facts in a bundle with activities to print and go

This PowerPoint will assist in building an understanding of Harmony Day and why we hold it as an important part of our current history and acknowledge it every year. 
 Use this as a PowerPoint and share with your grade the facts about Harmony Day in Australia. Discuss each slide and ask questions about their understanding. 

There are tasks at the end to help consolidate knowledge on Harmony Day.

Click on these two images below - the second one is two primary school grades and a video they have made. 

Happy Harmony Day

It's Easter time

These three packs are now in a bundle  - click here to see them

They are great for K-2 kids - scroll down to see the 2-5 packs on Time and Problem Solving


This pack is aimed at Grades 2-5.
Their is an assessment component and then tasks to suit each stage of learning.
o'clocks, half past, quarter to and quarter past, time to five minutes and 24 hour time.

This one has three sets of task cards.

Set One has 
8 cards with an Easter Egg Hunt theme
There are two sets; one color and one black and white
Answer key is provided

Set Two has 
A poster with a timetable for the Easter Bunny to make deliveries
8 cards with questions about the timetable
There are two sets; one color and one black and white
Answer key is provided

Set Three has 
8 cards with questions about how money and/or change is needed
There are two sets; one color and one black and white
Answer key is provided

St Patrick's Day 17th March

This post has some old photos, some links to youtube to share, links to packs to use and a prompt for your Leprechaun name. 

St Patrick's Day for me has a twinge of sadness - it was also my paternal Grandpa's birthday. 

So on this day I am reminded of the similarities between a Leprechaun's cheeky behaviour and that of my Pa. 

This is one of my favourite photos (it was taken about 50 years ago- yes I'm that old).
My cool green wig for St Patrick's Day and green cape.

What is your Leprechaun name?
Mine is Playful O-Really

A throwback photo of my kids using the 120 grids from one of my packs.

These are the packs I have put together for St Patrick's Day - click here to see them in TpT or on each image

This one is for older kids.

Here are some ideas to help you understand and celebrate this day in your classroom. 

Happy St Patricks Day.

Using iPads

We have been using iPads in our work this year in Years 3 and 4. 

This week we have been exploring how to use the tools in Book Creator and add our own notes on top of documents. 

The task was about positioning the events for a sports day.

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