Five for Fri - 28th May


Here are my five randoms for this week


This week has been crazy - fraction work all week and about five different things in maths time at point of need. 



Our school is up for a new Strategic Plan this year, so this is our year of review...
Professional Learning, writing the review documents, staff/parent and student feedback...we will be busy.


Biographies on authors we like, assisted by a planning wheel I made for planning. 

As well a finishing some persuasive texts off. 


Report writing and making sure my notes are handy and organised. 


To top off a busy week - the weather has been lousy!

Looking forward to a slightly less busy week and a little bit more sunshine...

Five for Fri - 22nd May


This week and last week has been all consuming - Nation wide standardised testing
We call it NAPLAN - National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy

 Image result for NAPLAN 2015 

and now it is gone!
Now we need to wait months and months 
to get the results.

Our kids coped well with the four tests - Reading. Language Conventions, Spelling and Numeracy. 
Maybe the lollipops we gave them after each one helped.

Image result for NAPLAN 2015


 We have had parents joining is for reading this week. Parents are always welcome, but this has been Education Week and we are highlighting reading. 

Our recycled art projects have been designed, tested and evaluated. Here are some of our creations.  


Working on some assessments for teachers to use. 


Writing moderation is tricky. We do this often so that we are using the same language, gaining an understanding of what our curriculum is actually meaning and building up our own samples. 

I hope that this week slows down. 
Report writing is my job this weekend and next weekend. 

Leak, soak or drip

Those of you who read my blog regularly will know that I team teach with Stacey this year and together we have 48 Year 3/4 students.

Stacey had planned this science lesson for today where we looked at things that soaked, dripped or leaked in terms of materials. 

This was so much fun and Stacey had our kids walking around with clip boards and making predictions and drawing results and doing the start of some technical drawings. 

We talked about fair tests and what was the difference on each test and recorded our findings. 

A great lesson Stacey!

The impact we can have....

In 1989 - yes you read that right! 
I had been teaching for 4 years and this Year 6 I had was phenomenal. 

I have enjoyed working with all my grades and we should never have a favourite grade - but this one was/is the same age as my youngest sister. 

I was only at the school for this one year - then I moved. many of them went on to the same secondary school.

So over the last 26 years I have often thought of them as my sister has done certain things ie marriage, babies, changing jobs, travelling etc

They were my first grade here in Victoria - my first grade after moving across two states! So maybe I transferred my missing family onto them....

They were all friends and got along really well. (Of course there were issues to solve, hormones to sort out but they were a great grade)

I ran into one of the girls about 15 years ago as we had young children at kinder dance together.
We eyed each other off for a few weeks before realising who we were. 

Another girl plays netball with a good friend of mine and we found each other on facebook after commenting on the same post!

Then another two realised I was on facebook and got in touch. 

Then Daniel set up a Class of 1989 facebook group and slowly we are finding each other. 
They are posting work and comments I made, laughing about things we did and connecting with some who have moved away. 

So then there was a discussion about getting together for a dinner. 

This photo below shows 5 of my "Grade 6" kids and I having dinner last night. 

As a teacher - this is a special photo, how many kids track down a teacher 26 years later!

They still have the lovely traits they had as kids - it was gorgeously bizarre to have a meal, have a drink and a laugh with them. 

They joked with me about having my wisdom teeth out and turning up to work to host and led a Family Science night and trying to hide the pain I was in. They laughed when I still didn't order steak, they said we should have ordered a week ago so it could marinate. 
 One laughed about me 'taping' an Aussie Rugby game instead of an AFL game. 

We talked about the Parliament we set up and then re enacted in our Parliament House in Melbourne. 

It was great to see what they had been up to and see that they all seem to be happy with their lot on life. They are amazing. 

One of my girls had even found an old assignment - an  A+ feedback sheet!

Such a lovely thing to be a part of.

Five for Fri - 8th May


This week has gone so fast.
Here are my five randoms for this week

Working on time....


We had an excursion to CERES this week - all about sustainability, recycling and building a better planet for future generations. 
We looked at what we can recycle,
Timelined how long it takes for items to break down in our environment. 
Walked along the creek.

This is a milestone - this little guy doesn't like the sound of writing implements on paper. 
He wrote his own Mother's Day card for his Mum. 
I am so proud off him. 

This was our Mother's Day gift complete with coupons as IOUs.


Woohoo - Friday is here. I met a friend after work today at my fav wine bar and we caught up after not seeing each other in a long long time.

Tomorrow I am having dinner with some 'kids' I taught in 1989 - they were in Grade 6 and I was only 14 years older than them!
Can't wait to see what they have been up to. 

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