Cyber Sale - 28% off

 I love a sale - who doesn't?

Absolutely everything in my store is on sale  December 1 and 2. (USA time)

When you get to the checkout use the code TPTCYBER for an extra discount.

I have placed everything at 20% off and the code gives you an extra 8%.

Happy shopping......

Five for Friday - 28 Nov

Here are my five randoms for this week


Loving our science day at our local high school. An amazing day for us and we got to do chemistry, biology and physics. 

Getting organized for these two sales - need I say more?

We had a practise (when we do something to get better here in Aus this is how we spell it) emergency procedure this week. We pretended we had a bush fire coming our way and had to relocate to a nearby safe park. 

Our kids helped to celebrate races and relays this week for our buddies. The sun was out and we cheered and jumped and down for them.

Kate has been with us for four weeks and today we had to say goodbye. 
Kate is in her 3rd year of teaching at Uni and she has worked in our double space and our team so well. We will miss her!

Black Friday Sale

The Primary Pack  is hosting a Black Friday post. There are lots of sellers who have linked up already. 

These may be on your wish list - they will help you out over the upcoming holiday period and celebration time. They will hep to teach and consolidate initial sounds and set up your Six Traits and Literature Circles.  

Over the next few days - how relaxed to sit and shop on your computer and not have to brave the traffic, weather and crowds!

These items are on sale for one day only - November 28th 2014, USA time

Christmas 12 Math Tasks - challenge your kids with 12 math centers
Christmas Writing 40 Tasks  - heaps of writing tasks
Gingerbread Read the Room - works on er, ea and br
Kwanzaa - get to know how this is celebrated 
Chinese New Year Pack - posters and writing tasks
Six Traits plus 1 Writing - challenge your writers and keep track using interactive notebook pages
Literature Circles - interactive notebook pages and booklets to keep your notes in
Polar Express - what can I say, a great story and great tasks to go with it.

This is my wishlist for the anticipated event

Kimberley Geswein has the most amazing fonts and I have bought individual licenses for some fonts - but I am keen to buy this one off one. 
Educlips has a great Homonym Pack
These two interactive notebooks - one for Reading Informational Text and the other Language Notebook is something I have had my eye on for a while
The Differentiation Bundle from Lovin Lit would add so much more value to my program..

Science Day

One of our local Secondary schools hosted a Science day for our Year 5/6's and we have had a blast. 
We experienced an hour and half each of 

In Biology we got to look at some very cool things under the microscopes. We learnt how to set up the microscopes so we could see these things well with lamps and natural light. 
There were fly legs, bug testes, bug ovary, leaves, wool and dandelion.

In Physics we made rockets and learnt about aero dynamics. 
We launched them to see how far they would go.
In the design phase we could make modifications and make our rockets fly better each time. 

In Chemistry we wore lab coats and goggles. 
We made slime and elephants toothpaste. Lighting the Bunsen burner made some nervous. 
We learnt about the colour of the flame and which one was the safe flame. \


A fantastic day. 

Poster round-up

A walk around our 5/6 Learning Space - these are just some posters in our shared space.

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